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How To Treat Porn Addiction

Maybe the best way to describe an addiction to porn is to break down the definition of each word. Pornography is the erotic depiction of behavior, written or visual that is intended to cause sexual excitement. An addiction is a harmful and strong desire to have something or do something.


This means that a porn addiction is a strong desire to engage in the erotic description of written or visual behavior. These erotic materials are supposed to create an intense and quick emotional reaction.

Although it is not generally considered to be a mental disorder, there are many people who are struggling with this type of addiction. It can easily progress from normal sexual behavior to an unhealthy obsession.

What Are The Signs That You Or Someone You Love Is Addicted To Porn?

If you or someone you know is questioning how much you watch or read pornography, there are several signs that can signal there is an issue. A physical sign is that this type of addiction can cause excessive fatigue, decreased genital stimulation and sexual dysfunction.

Psychological signs of porn addiction include:

Increased shame
Increased agitation
Lower self-esteem
Not feeling motivated

A person may also have a decreased interest in engaging in sexual behaviours with a partner and prefer porn instead.

Treatment For Porn Addiction

Although porn can be treated, the ease of porn availability on the Internet and our own brains can make it challenging.

One method of treatment is called self-monitoring treatment. This involves asking the client to write down each time they watch or read porn, and then describe how they felt immediately after. Did they feel guilty? What led to the behavior, and are there consequences to the behavior?

Self-monitoring can be useful in determining influences and risk factors. This treatment allows the client to be their own interventionist. If you want to find more information look for porn addiction recovery 2018 where help and options will be readily available.

Porn addiction is quickly becoming an epidemic because it is only a couple of mouse clicks away. With the increasing ease of use, more treatment centers are becoming equipped to help pornography addicts treat their sex addiction.