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Using E-Cigs To Kick A Weed Habit

If you’ve tried to quit smoking weed before, you might know by now that it isn’t easy Marijuana might not be addictive in the common sense of the term like, say, cigarettes or alcohol, but it can grow to become a pretty strong habit.

Most people looking to quit weed will be doing so because of the financial and social burden a strong weed habit can become. If you’ve tried and failed in the past, or if you’re looking for a way to kick the habit for the first time, then you’re in luck. The recent advances in technology that have made electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) widely available and affordable to the public have come with another blessing – a relatively easy an straightforward of shaking off an entrenched weed habit. Brands such as Smoke Guru can help you stop smoking cigs and weed.


Using E-cigs to Quit Smoking Weed

Most people think of e-cigs as only being applicable to nicotine users, but the reality is that they are just as useful for taking marijuana. These devices are made up of an atomizer, a battery, and a tank. The tank is where you place the cartridges containing your cannabis liquid. The vaporization action of e-cigs, which are basically miniature vaporizers, make them absolutely perfect for our purpose here. Here is an article on the benefits of stopping weed.

For you trying to quit, the procedure is quite simple – gradual reduction. Vaping liquids with CBD, the active ingredient in marijuana that causes the ‘high’ feeling, come in different concentrations. If you’ve been a heavy smoker, you might want to start with a rather heavy concentration so that you get something close to the same effect as you would while smoking weed as you regularly would.

After a while, maybe a week or so, you can then switch to a slightly milder vape juice concentration so that the drop in strength is noticeable but not completely unsatisfying. Going through this cycle this for the duration you find comfortable will see you eventually making do with a very mild cannabis concentration. The idea is to gradually wean your system off the habit rather just gong cold turkey, which rarely works successfully.

Once you’re down to the lowest concentration available, you’re ready to kick the habit completely. The craving will be so low you can completely ignore it without too much effort. It always helps to pick up a hobby or other interesting activity to keep your mind occupied.

The Weed-Free Life

There you have it. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Other than all the money you will save in the long run by kicking your weed habit, you will also enjoy a cleaner, healthier, more socially-enjoyable lifestyle without the constant urge for a hit. It’s entirely worth it. Good luck!